“Dear lord…so far today”… has really helped me this week, to set an intention for the day ahead, accepting the things i need to change (insert your own words).

It has made me smile each morning and made everyone else laugh … happy days!

This photo is the sunrise over the Ruin cafe Tresco. I’m really looking forward to teaching my next yoga holiday there.



The view from the Zed Shed

So glad to have a second day of teaching with Alan Brown. This time at the Zed Shed in Penryn.

The focus once more was on breaking habitual patterns, this made for a deeper awareness within each asana.

Spending time feeling the lift of the back chest brought a quieter approach and reflection to all the postures covered, the most notable being urdhva dhanurasana. Back bends usually give a stimulating effect sometimes heading towards the equivalent of a double espresso.. This time however we felt awake sharp, alert and calm all at the same time.

The Yoga Hut, Falmouth

What a super day at the yoga Hut in Falmouth with senior Iyengar yoga teacher Alan Brown, focusing on unlearning learnt habitual patterns of behaviour within yogasana. As a group we were mainly teachers, he explained ‘teachers need students, we forget that our first student is our own body, remember not to get stuck in habitual patterns of movement ‘This was the first workshop held at this new yoga studio run by the lovely Jane Lane. The studio had all the equipment we needed and with underfloor heating I couldn’t have been more comfortable.Alan is teaching again at the Zed shed in Penryn tomorrow from 11-5 pm. Go if you can make it .

Yoga athanusanam

Now begins my journey of yoga… Welcome to my new blog, where I will embrace the sutras, combining the teachings of Patanjali alongside my every day life.

Hold tight

Here goes