The Hotpod Limited Edition

Hand built from recycled parts, numbered Limited Edition functional art



The original design

Hotpod Limited Edition – Exothermic oxidising reactor

wood burning / multi fuel stove

We say the ‘original’ but that’s not entirely true as the original one was never called a Hotpod. It heats our home in Carbis Bay. The Hotpod name didn’t come about til Dan had made 7 copies all out of scrap and realised that we could perhaps turn it into a business.
We were originally only going to make 100 numbered Hotpods but decided to up the number one optimistic evening which was a good idea it turns out as Dan has now made about 150 of them. There will definitely be no more than 350 and we don’t imagine there will ever be that many.

The original ‘Prepods’ as we now call them, were made from old gas bottles pulled from hedges, scrap from the dairy which closed down about a mile from the workshop and of course retired Volkswagen parts. The design originally came about because Dan was trying to make a pot bellied stove for his surf bus out of things he had lying around.
The requirements were that it should burn wood and coal and have a good sized hotplate for cooking. The breakthrough was cutting the top off the gas bottle and welding it back on underneath which made a funneling firebox with a small grate at the bottom, an ash pan underneath and a large flat hotplate.The van version was a failure in as much as it was just too much heat for a VW bus in Cornwall even in the winter.





Technical Stuff

Useful things to know about the original Hotpod Limited Edition




Intermittent burning solid fuel room heater for installation in single chimneys
Flue spigot 125mm ID
Minimum distance to combustibles: 500mm
Recommended minimum clearance to non-combustibles: 100mm
Output: (wood) 6kW
6kW to room, 0kW to water
(1.2kg wood per 45 minutes/1.9 kg per hour)
CO: 0.3% @13% O2.

Efficiency 75%


Hearth temperature does not exceed 100 °C
Flue gas temperature directly downstream of the flue spigot: 350 °C
Required flue draught for correct operation: 12Pa
Weight of Hotpod: 49kg
Construction conforms to EN13240
DEFRA exempt appliance for use in smoke control areas.
The Hotpod is designed for operation with the door closed. Heat is mainly
diffused by infrared radiation from the main body and the window and by air convection from the stove body and any exposed flue pipe.
Combustion occurs on the grate, with draught (oxygen) entry through the primary and secondary air vents.
All local regulations, including those referring to national and European standards need to be complied with when installing the appliance.


The Hotpod Limited Edition has a 10 year warranty. Warranty terms and conditions can be found at:

Hotpod Unlimited dimensions and specifications. Click on the image to enlarge


Prices and options

Hotpod Limited Edition
  • Hand built numbered Limited Edition of 350
  • A functional art piece
  • 75% wood burning efficiency
  • DEFRA aproved for smoke free zones
  • Clean burning
  • 10 year warranty