The Hotpod Unlimited

Freestanding multi fuel and wood burning stove


The cast iron Hotpod Unlimited wood burning / multi fuel stove

To take the Hotpod business further, we had to find a way to make more stoves to meet demand. We either had to find more Dans and somehow bring them up to speed making Hotpods from recycled gas bottles, or we had to cast them. Dan was initially not keen to go down the casting route thinking it would detract from his recycling ethic. That was until he visited the foundry in Dudley and saw the whole process;
The new Hotpod ‘Unlimited’ is made from re melted brake disks, train wheels, park benches, pipes and gratings, engines and railings to name just a few things, but as you can see, it is still every inch a Hotpod (although it is a bit heavier)
The Hotpod Unlimited has now been laboratory tested in compliance with EN13240 ( the European standard for multi-fuel stoves) and passed with flying colours and an incredible 81.3% efficiency for wood burning and 75.7% for anthracite.
Since October the 1st 2011, it is a DEFRA exempt appliance for use burning wood in smoke free zones.



Hotpod Unlimited at The Old Fish Cellar, Mousehole
Hotpod Unlimited at The Byre, Sennen


Technical stuff

some useful things to know about the Hotpod Unlimited

Intermittent burning solid fuel room heater for installation in single chimneys
Flue spigot 125mm ID
Minimum distance to combustibles: 500mm
Recommended minimum clearance to non-combustibles: 100mmOutput: (wood) 6.1kW. 6.1kW to room, 0kW to water
(1.2kg wood per 45 minutes/1.9 kg per hour)
CO: 0.24% @13% O2.
Efficiency 81.3%

Output: (anthracite) 6.8kW. 6.8 kW to room, 0kW to water
(0.9 kg anthracite per hour)
CO: 0.10% @13% O2.
Efficiency 75.7%

Hearth temperature does not exceed 100 °C
Flue gas temperature directly downstream of the flue spigot: 350 °CRequired flue draught for correct operation: 12Pa

Weight of Hotpod: 56.3 kgConforms to EN13240 and is a DEFRA exempt appliance for use in smoke control areas

The Hotpod is designed for operation with the door closed. Heat is mainly diffused by infrared radiation from the main body and the window and by air convection from the stove body and any exposed flue pipe.
Combustion occurs on the grate, with draught (oxygen) entry through the primary and secondary air vents.
All local regulations, including those referring to national and European standards need
to be complied with when installing the appliance.
the Hotpod should not be modified in any way.
Use only genuine Hotpod replacement parts
The Hotpod Unlimited has a 10 year warranty. Warranty terms and conditions can be found at:
Hotpod Unlimited dimensions and specifications. Click on the image to enlarge


Hotpod Unlimited top view distances to combustibles, non-combustibles and hearth dimensions. Click to view


Prices and options

All of this seasons Hotpod Unlimiteds have been sold and Dan is preparing to take the summer off to work on a project at home with Lucy. We are now taking deposits of 50% for next seasons Hotpod Unlimiteds on a first come first served basis. production will start again in September.

Total price is £2250 plus shipping. This order is for 50% deposit with the remainder due on completion. When your Hotpod is ready, we will invoice you for the 2nd 50% plus the shipping cost.

If you have any questions please give Dan a call on 01736 797285 ext3



Hotpod Unlimited Pre-order for 2019/2020
£50% deposit of £2250
  • We are now taking deposits of 50% for next seasons Hotpod Unlimiteds on a first come first served basis. Production will start again in September.