More NautiBuoys

OK… so the NautiBuoys have been quite popular. The issue is that they are made from trawl net ‘bobbins’ which are only available when they turn up on beaches after having come detached at some point or when people offer them to me (after having found them washed up on a beach) and portholes. Nice portholes are also hard to come by and nice portholes which are the right size for the variably sized trawl net bobbins are even harder to find.

Having said all that, my NautiBuoy portfolio has steadily been growing and the last few have all been multi-fuel models with both primary and secondary (airwash) air.

I have a short waiting list for NautiBuoys now but my stock of ‘bobbins’ is improving as a good friend with an epic reclaim yard has started spotting them for me. That has helped a lot! Thanks Joe