Hotpod stove glass replacement

How to fit Hotpod door glass.

For some reason, this summer I have had a lot of orders for new Hotpod door glass. Maybe they are all just getting to a certain age? After all, the first production Hotpods went out in 2006.

Whatever the reason, I though it was time to put the fitting information in one place, and this seemed like a good one.

Years ago, Phoebe filmed me fitting a Hotpod glass for a new stove and we stuck it on YouTube. I had to re find it every time i sent out new glass which up until this year has been quite rarely. Its not very good but it does show how I do it myself so may be helpful for DIYers.


If you prefer to read about it…

Around the same time we also made a step by step PDF which I also had to dig out occasionally but now I can just direct people here instead. It’s not very pretty, but it is functional 🙂

Hotpod door glass fitting instructions PDF

Hotpod door glass fitting instructions PDF


As usual, if you have any trouble fitting or any questions, then please give me a call at the workshop, or alternatively, you can always post your Hotpod door to me and I will get it straight back to you with new glass and ropes.

These steps are applicable to Hotpod Limited and Unlimited stoves. The Nautipod is very similar to do but only has rope underneath the glass.

Finally, I send all glass out with the door rope also, which goes on the stove side of the door and is glued into place. You can use rope glue from a stove shop, or, as I do, high temperature silicone sealant. First remove the old rope and any old glue or silicone, then apply a thin (2-3mm ish) bead of glue or silicone to the clean groove and then press the rope in firmly ensuring that the ends meet ( the rope can be stretched or compressed a little whilst fitting). If your Hotpod is an early Limited Edition Hotpod, then there may not be a rope groove to put it in. It was a later development.